Why Elvari?


The Elvari pickup system is not built into the bridge. The vibrations of the bridge are instead sent down to and interact with, a tone plate made from fine alpine spruce wood. The tone plate acts as the top plate of an acoustic violin. The tone plate is carefully tuned and attenuated in relation to the body in order to minimize the handling noises which otherwise occur easily when handling an electric violin. Our unique pickup system thus has an acoustic part that picks up and processes the vibrations before they move on to the amplifier.

Acoustic Violin Tone

Plug into any instrument-level input. Elvari gives you a strong signal without any need for active electronics or batteries inside the instrument. Explore effect pedals, amplifiers, PA systems, and other music gear with a powerful acoustic violin tone. Experience the convenience of having an easily accessible, “invisible” volume knob. Forget trying to avoid feedback and unwanted handling noises from the violin body. You don’t have to worry about attaching a pickup or mic and cable to your fragile acoustic instrument either.


At only ~ 500 grams, it feels just like an acoustic violin or even lighter, because the balance point is so much closer to the shoulder. Despite the lightweight design it is more robust and not as sensitive to changes in climate and humidity as an acoustic violin. You can use your own shoulder- and chin rest.

Professional Playability

Our electric violins are handcrafted in Sweden. We can, therefore, ensure that each instrument has professional playability. The custom violin setup and the familiar shape, based on Stradivarius 1713, make the transition from your acoustic violin seamless.

Wireless Violin

The unique placement of the output jack hides the wireless transmitter and puts the weight where it should be – on your shoulder. The placement also means that the weight of an instrument cable ends up in the right place. Wireless systems also have the added benefit of making your Elvari active – if you need this. We recommend the Line 6 Relay G10, G10S, Boss WL-20L or WL-50.

Profanity Safe

Our pickup system does only pick up vibrations – no airborne sounds.

The violin is a perfect acoustic design – not a perfect electric design. Attaching a pickup will turn any violin, even a Stradivarius, into a mediocre electro-acoustic with constant risk of feedback and unwanted handling noises from the violin body. Many violinists are also hesitant to attach mic and cable to their fragile acoustic instruments.

Experiment! Any amplifier or PA system with an instrument-level input will work. Do not connect Elvari to amplifiers that are made specifically for electric guitar as they usually cannot reproduce Elvari’s output signal correctly. A full-range amplifier for acoustic instruments is required to give Elvari’s tone justice. We have found that the Roland Mobile Cube sounds surprisingly good and loud with our instruments. It weighs only 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg), it is battery-powered and very affordable. The Yamaha THR5A is another good choice if you want more effects built into the amplifier.

If you look closely at the tone plate you can clearly see a little countersink. This is where the bridge should stand. Just like with an acoustic violin it is important to regularly check that the bridge is standing up straight (not tilting forward or backward) for optimal tone quality.

In Stockholm and Gothenburg. Contact us for more information.

You can plug Elvari into any instrument-level input. The standard 1 megohm impedance of these inputs will give you a strong signal. If you need to, you can probably even plug into a line-level input with good results.

Yes, Elvari is much more silent than an acoustic violin, so you can practice without disturbing anyone. Even without amplification, the instrument has a good and dynamic tone. This makes Elvari a very good practice violin. The transition from acoustic violin to Elvari is, thanks to the design, almost seamless.

Shipping is free within the EU. Please contact us if you live outside the EU and we will find out what your shipping cost will be. We do however reserve the right not to ship to certain destinations.

Elvari is passive but still outputs a powerful signal. Active electric violins can interfere with electronics in wireless systems. In addition, heavy 9V batteries are needed which must be replaced before each concert. The built-in passive electronics in Elvari mean more reliability, and reliability is priceless in a live context. Wireless systems have an added advantage in that they make your Elvari active – if you need this.

Yes. We recommend good-quality synthetic strings or steel strings based on your own preferences. No strings specially made for electrical violins should be used on Elvari. The tone plate and the bridge need the pressure from ordinary violin strings to work well.

Feel free to experiment with different effect pedals for electric guitar. It is a matter of personal preference. We like the Line 6 Helix family of products.

Around 6 months. Expected delivery time will be specified on your invoice.